Who are we?

Media Research i Östersund AB

We daily monitor the advertising in Display / Banners, Newspapers, DM / Flyers, TV, Social Media and Newsletters for several industries in the Nordics and the UK.

All ads / offers are copied and tagged with info about advertiser, media, date etc. If possible also product group, model, price, retailer etc. Our customers can then search for relevant data in AdFinder (our web-based search tool), or via recurring customized reports.

We have been around since 1997 and are based in Sweden with offices in Stockholm, Sundsvall and Östersund.

What do our customers say

Marketing Manager, Telecom/Hardware

“Media Research makes it easy for us to see how and where our products are beeing advertised.”

Product Manager, Automotive

“With Media Research and DailyAds we get daily updates on what our competitors and resellers are doing.

Product Manager, Consumer Electronics TV/AV:

“Media Research helps us to quickly and easily follow  both the advertising and price points in a structured way.”

In which industries are we operating?

We are always open to start monitoring new industries! Right now we monitor advertising for:

Alcoholic beverages


Commercial Vehicles

Consumer Electronics


Home & Garden

Sport & Leisure



Furniture & Beds

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