We monitor the advertising in The Nordics and UK.

Get access to the tools and reports you need to smoothly being able to follow up your own and / or others’ advertising.


We have professional production teams that work fast and quality-oriented around the clock.


We have extensive experience in monitoring the advertising market in the Nordics and UK.

Customer Focus

Get your ad report in the morning the same day the ads are published. You choose advertisers and media et cetera.

Our Services

We have one goal with our services – delivering the ad monitoring that you need!


DailyAds is the subscription service that gives you the information you need when you need it!


Search and sort for ads based on several basic criterias, such as advertiser and media – fast and simple!

Customized Reports

Download customized reports in any format and analyze eg price changes, trends and Share of Voice.

Advertising information directly from our database.

Click to see the complete advert.

Days a year

We monitor the advertising in Newspapers, DM flyers, TV, Display / Banners, newsletters and social media.

All information that you access via the services you can export to any format and download to do your own analysis.

About us

We have extensive experience in monitoring the advertising market in the Nordics and UK.


What do our customers say?

Marketing Manager Telecom/operator:
“Via Media Research we get a daily look at the advertising from selected brands. We also get a good overview through our monthly reports.”
Product Manager, Automotive
“Before we knew about Media Research, we spent a lot of time trying to collect as many ads as possible ourselves. However, it was always difficult to find exactly the ads you were looking for in the various piles that were created.”
Product Manager, Alcoholic Beverages:
“It is very important for us to keep track of how and what our competitors are advertising. The daily and monthly advertising reports from Media Research really helps us a lot. “

A few of our customers

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