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Immediate monitoring, in line with your needs.

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Do you want to avoid having to flip through the daily papers in order to keep up to date?
AdFinder is our basic service

Our basic service is called AdFinder. It makes it possible for you to retrieve data anytime about the current – or previous – state of advertisements from the advertisers, industries or product categories that interest you.

With AdFinder you can sort advertisements and TV commercials based on

  • advertiser
  • date/period
  • country
  • business area
  • media type
  • media.
AdFinder Pro offers more possibilities

As an AdFinder Pro customer, in addition to the possibilities offered by AdFinder, you can also sort ads and TV commercials based on more product-specific details:

  • model and model characteristics
  • brand
  • ad details, such as page number, ad space and placement on the page
  • price information
  • reseller
  • and more.


The subscription service that provides you with the information you want, when you want it!

Media mix!

Our media mix includes newspapers, magazines, direct ads, online advertising and TV commercials in several European countries.