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We have a goal for our services:

To deliver the ad monitoring that you need.


Get the reports you need each morning, on the same day the ads appear in the media.

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Mobila enheter


Search and sort advertisements based on basic characteristics such as advertiser and media – quickly and easily!

Customized Reports

Extract customized reports in the format of your choice and look at areas such as price developments, trends and visibility.

“With the help of Media Research and DailyAds, we are able to obtain a full daily update on what our competitors and resellers are up to.”Regional Manager, vehicle industry

Export data and get more out!

All information that you receive via our AdFinder and AdFinder Pro services can be exported to other formats and downloaded onto your system.

Download a report as a PDF for easy reading, or as an Excel file for access to increased amounts of information and the option to carry out more advance analyses!