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Buying Information

The cost is based on several factors e.g.

  • Business area / Industry
  • Choosen Media Types
  • How many Countries
  • Number of users / Recipients
  • Level of  detail
No. We usually use regular subscriptions that can be terminated at any time.
We have extensive experience in several different industries and the needs of ad monitoring within them – contact us and we will help you to find out which service is best for you, your business and your budget. You are more than welcome to us!


AdFinder is the online tool that gives you access to information about ads, directly from our database. With AdFinder you can quickly and easily search and sort ads by industry, date, media, advertiser and more.

Yes, you can export data from AdFinder to different formats. By exporting material to Excel you get access to even more information and can easily analyze the advertising data that interests you. You can also export data to other formats, such as PDF and XML.

About us

Our media mix includes Newspapers, Magazines, DM / Flyers, Newsletters, Display / Banner advertising, Social Media and TV.

We are always interested in starting to monitor new industries! Right now we are monitoring advertising for

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Consumer Electronics
  •  FMCG
  • Home and garden
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Telecom / Operators
  • Travel
  • Furniture and Beds
We currently monitor the advertising market in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK. If you would like to discuss ad monitoring for an other country, please contact us!


When you subscribe to DailyAds, you receive an email every morning with information about that day’s ads according to your preferences.
You choose how many, and which people at your company that should be the recipients of DailyAds.
As a trial period subscriber, you will receive a customized version of DailyAds, in the form of an email containing ad copies and information about today’s ads. Set up your trial period on the DailyAds information page. If you have special requests regarding f.ex. media and advertisers – please contact us and we will tailor the content of the test subscription just for you!

Customized Reports

Customized Reports is the service for those who are interested in comparing details regarding advertisements. For example price developments, media selection and visibility. You can choose to download reports as and when you want them, or have them delivered at specified intervals. How often and in which format is entirely up to you!
With Customized Reports, you get even more detailed information about your ads than with the AdFinder tool. In addition, the report is tailored to the preferred format and for the very purpose you choose.


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